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Shenzhen Shanling Digital Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a joint-venture high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, manufacture, marketing and sales of audio products.

Began as a developer of audio products in 1988,Shanling produced its first Hi-Fi stereo power amplifier.

In 1990 an audio equipment factory within Jieyang Television University was founded, preliminarily defining Shanling’s direction of development.

In 1996 Shanling moved to Shenzhen and was renamed Shanling Electronic Co., Ltd. With effective management and scientific cultivation to the employees, Shanling managed to produce devices with ideal high quality.

In 2002  joint-venture enterprise Shenzhen Shanling Digital Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established,.Importing advanced electronic measuring instruments and high level metal ware processing equipment, Shanling was then able to started comprehensive cooperation with both domestic and foreign audio manufacturers and suppliers.

The year 2004 witnessed the founding of a new Shanling factory at No. 10 Chiwan 1st Road, Shekou, Shenzhen. Through internal integration and equipment upgrade, Shanling has become one of the several enterprises in China that was capable of independent developing and manufacturing high-end audio products.

Shanling has a wide range of product line – SACD/CD player, high fidelity solid-state and vacuum tube amplifier, advanced mini music center, tuner, audio/video amplifier, etc. Besides, being a DVD, SACD, CD licensee, Shanling is also qualified for adopting many patented technologies such as Microsoft HDCD, Dolby Digital, DTS, etc. Currently Shanling has established close partnership with many leading high-end suppliers and became one of the most reputable manufacturers of the industry



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  • Shanling TEMPO EC1B Kód: 5391/CER
    POUZE NA OBJEDNÁVKU Značka: Shanling

    CD přehrávač / USB / WAV / AAC / WMA / MP3 / 24Bit / 196kHz

    Původně: 8 990 Kč
    Ušetříte: 2 090 Kč (–23 %)

    5 702 Kč bez DPH 6 900 Kč / ks
  • Shanling CD-S100 Kód: 4248/STR
    SKLADEM Značka: Shanling Záruka: 2 roky

    NEW - High End CD přehrávač s USB vstupem / WAV / AAC / WMA / MP3 / 24bit/96KHz / HDCD

    od 7 851 Kč bez DPH od 9 500 Kč / ks
  • y700 Kód: 4302/CER
    POUZE NA OBJEDNÁVKU Značka: Shanling

    Hybridní High - End SACD / USB / 24bit/192kHz

    16 116 Kč bez DPH 19 500 Kč / ks
  • Shanling H1.2S Kód: 4254
    Značka: Shanling

    Sluchátkový zesilovač / DA převodník DSD / USB / 32bit/384KHz

    20 992 Kč bez DPH 25 400 Kč / ks
  • y900 Kód: 4308
    POUZE NA OBJEDNÁVKU Značka: Shanling

    High End sluchátkový zesilovač / DA převodník / DSD 1bit/2.8MHz, DSD 1bit/5.6MHz / ES9016+XMOS 32bit/384KHz

    24 628 Kč bez DPH 29 800 Kč / ks
  • y905 Kód: 4305
    POUZE NA OBJEDNÁVKU Značka: Shanling

    Integrovaný zesilovač 2×120W (8Ω,) 180W x2 (4Ω)   / Bluetooth

    38 182 Kč bez DPH 46 200 Kč / ks
  • y901 Kód: 4311
    POUZE NA OBJEDNÁVKU Značka: Shanling

    Plně symetrický High End DA převodník / sluchátkový zesilovač / 16bit, 24bit / 44.1kHz - 384kHz / DSD 5.6MHz 

    39 587 Kč bez DPH 47 900 Kč / ks
  • y600 Kód: 4296
    POUZE NA OBJEDNÁVKU Značka: Shanling Záruka: 2 roky

    Hybridní High End CD přehrávač / 24bit / 192 KHz DAC / RCA / XLR / OPT

    54 124 Kč bez DPH 65 490 Kč / ks
  • y901 Kód: 4836
    POUZE NA OBJEDNÁVKU Značka: Shanling

    High End koncový zesilovač / Class AB / 450W/8Ω    800W/4Ω   1000W/2Ω / pár

    411 736 Kč bez DPH 498 200 Kč / pár

Stránka 1 z 1 - 9 položek celkem

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